Shenzhen Xinlong xin Technology Co., LTD. established in 2010, 
is a leading professional PCB and Assembly manufacturer, our 
PCB and PCBA products from 1 layers to 28 layers,FR4,High TG,
Alum based,HDI,flex-rigid boards etc. 
We have two major production bases in Shenzhen, and Huizhou,
we have multiple offices in China and abroad. 


Company elegant demeanour

Xinlong xin never forgets his original intention on the 

road of forging ahead, adhering to the spirit of pioneering
and innovative, professional and dedicated product concept,
honest in person, regard trust worthiness in company,
consistently creating outstanding value for customers, 
shareholders and society with service consciousness.

SMT plant was established in 2010. The company is located in
Xijing Industrial Park, Shenzhen. The management team has an
average of 5-10 years of EMS industry experience 

First-class OEM company background and experience Sufficient 
manufacturing capability Cost-efficient price Complete 
quality commitment Quick response, flexible 
Dynamic and challenging team 
Customized solution for requirements

PCB production line

Ensure quality through our internal quality assessment

We have implemented many initiatives to validate the quality of our processes and products. Our experienced engineering team inspects each PCB design prior to the start of the production/assembly phase to ensure that there are no inherent defects and that the design meets the customer's exact specifications. We take additional steps to conduct manufacturing Design (DFM) testing at no additional cost. We also have a complete quality control department to carry out comprehensive inspection and testing including electrical testing, automatic optical inspection (AOI), automatic X-ray inspection (AXI), etc., before shipping finished products to your factory. You can have confidence in the quality and performance of your PCB.

Save time and improve efficiency

We offer complete turnkey PCB assembly services including PCB manufacturing, component procurement and PCB assembly. Our one-stop service increases your efficiency and cost effectiveness by eliminating the need for you to manage multiple suppliers across different schedules. As a mid-sized company, we are fully responsive to customer needs and can provide timely, personalized service that larger companies cannot emulate. Our exemplary customer satisfaction is a testament to our ability to make an impression.

Affordable and competitive prices

No matter you are looking for a few PCB samples or tens of hundreds of square meters of PCB, you will get our best quality PCB service.

Excellent customer service

We want to provide the highest value PCB service and the best trading experience at a good price. We process thousands of part numbers every year and in our 20 years of operation so far we have learned how to serve our customers and how to serve them well. These are just some of the things our customers love about us:

• Quality assurance services

• Competitive price and minimum order quantity required

• Over 99% customer satisfaction

• A team that provides professional services by phone and email

• Free DFM inspection by professional engineer

• Perform functional tests according to customer's specific requirements

•PCB board at no additional cost

PCBA assembly production line